A Car for Martin in Kenya


        Since May, many of us have been praying for a van for Martin. It has been amazing how Martin Shikuku has labored for the Lord in western Kenya (Eldoret, in the Rift Valley) and other parts of Kenya, as well as neighboring nations (Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo—without having a car. He has walked, traveled by bus, and sometimes by taxi.

        Several responded to our appeal to help provide the funds for a van. So far, we have received over $6,000—which Martin deposited into a banking account. The bank officials contacted him on Friday, October 9, to commend him on his efforts and to show him a Toyota sprinter saloon car. The bank officials  agreed  to finance the car which is now in Martin’s possession.

        Once there are adequate funds, they will exchange the car for a van. Please pray that his needs will be met. We express our gratitude to all you who have prayed and are praying for Martin, his family, his congregation at Glory Baptist Church, and his work in East and Central Africa nations.



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