Spiritual decisions in Venezuela

April 3-25, 2011

“Preaching the kingdom of God and teaching the things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ”Acts 28:31

Once again, Adam Nathanson (missionary to Venezuela and pastor Grace Community Church, Caracas) and I  teamed up to teach and preach the things that pertain to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom across a major portion of Venezuela—moving from west to east with Caracas the starting and ending point.  We worked in six states—an amazing opportunity, including Yaracuy State, the avowed center of idol-worship and witchcraft.  Sadly, the president of the nation has been a leader in placing some of the idols and spiritism symbols on the currency. The spiritual war is on! 

  • Thirteen prayer seminars will over 2,000 in attendance
  • Two  leadership sessions
  • Two sermons

The seminars were in three areas: four in Caracas (capital city with five million people), two in western Venezuela (San Felipe and Tumero, seven in eastern Venezuela (Boca de Urichae, Clarines, Cumana, Caripe, Anaco, and Barcelona). Each seminar was open to pastors in the respective areas and a large number participated. All 2,000 Spanish prayer seminar workbooks were used and we needed more. In each session, interest was intense and the response was strong. Well over two hundred trusted Christ as personal Savior following a thorough presentation of the plan of salvation in the seminars. Further, there were 200 saved in homes or on the streets when folks went out from the Caripe Baptist Retreat Center. In addition, hundreds indicated that they had made decisions about their spiritual lives. Miles traveled totaled 7,113 (Air—international and domestic 5,388, Ground 1,725). There were twenty-three days on the road. Each venue went as clock-work, not one problem!

 All in the unction of the Holy Spirit rested upon each seminar, each teaching opportunity, and the sermons. There is an invitation return in February 2012 to conduct prayer seminars in an area where Sue and I came in 1992. This is Pastor David Meza’s home area where churches are mushrooming with large numbers people coming to Christ. A second invitation has come from Pastor Antonio, the coordinator of the mountainside retreat center in Caripe, to return as keynote speaker in a major conference for pastors/leaders at the end of April—early May. Since it is obvious that the Holy Spirit is working and a spiritual awakening is underway in a strategic nation, how can I say no?  I asked all our partners to begin to pray for these events scheduled for 2012. 

 On behalf of each person touched, we express thanks to the Doorkeepers who provided funds for this work. The budget was met and exceeded significantly. “The Lord repay your work, and a full reward be given you by the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge (Ruth 2:12). 




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