India! Japan! South Korea! Nigeria! Philippines! My initial reaction to the first international invitation from India in 1985 was twofold: Sue and I were willing to go (using vacation time); but  how could such a young (just one year old), fledgling, small ministry make such a financial commitment ? In a letter written to our Doorkeeper partners dated March 3, 1989, I shared:

“How needless my fear and hesitation. Every penny has been given by God’s children to enable us to conduct twenty-six prayer seminars in five nations. How can we praise the Lord enough? He has been so good to us.”

       Twenty-two years later, I can update this statement: “How needless my fear and hesitation. Every penny has been given by God’s people to enable us to conduct 642 seminars in fifty-seven nations. How can we praise the Lord enough? He has been so good to us.”

Venezuela. Due to the political climate, there are few nations where the Christians need to understand the purpose and power of prayer more than Venezuela. If you listened to their president address the United Nations, you know how serious the challenge is for Christians. The leaders of the Venezuela Baptist Convention understand this need.  To celebrate their sixtieth anniversary, they decided to evangelize four mountain states (where spiritism and witchcraft abound) and asked for our help. Phase one was in March 2010 and involved bringing believers together in ten cities along a thousand mile arc in western Venezuela for prayer seminars. Hundreds attended. Phase two was to return in August to instruct five hundred pastors/leaders in the area of prayer and evangelism at the Baptist camp. Phase three was hundreds going into the four states for two weeks. The result was 6,010 coming to Christ. In every church, members memorized Psalm 126 and recited it in every service. As we return to replicate what we did in western Venezuela in eastern Venezuela, our prayer is simple: “Do it again, Lord!”  Will you join us?

The financial need. The $8,640 2010 budget (for Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay) was met when 120 gave $10,981 (enough to cover the August trip, as well). The 2011 budget is $5,304  (international travel, internal travel, food/lodging, 2,000 Spanish prayer seminar workbooks). The budget could be met if five gave $1,000 or fifty-three gave $100. But we know that many of you cannot do that, but you can do something. No gift is too small, none is too large.

         You will remember that my goal for the past few years is to have one hundred gifts for each trip. Why?  Jesus pointed out that where your treasure is, your heart will be there also. When your heart is with us, you will want to provide the prayer support that is necessary.  That makes a difference! One hundred gifts always have been enough to meet our need. WILL YOU BE ONE OF THE ONE-HUNDRED?

Thanks. I am encouraged and humbled that you will let me go on your behalf. I will keep you informed and will provide a full report as to the results of our working together with God (1 Corinthians 3:9).


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