Amazing Report: Kenya-Tanzania

      The eleven prayer seminars in Kenya (3) and Tanzania (8) could not have gone better. All of the goals that we set were exceeded. It was an intense twenty days. Since I am a “homebody” (traveling is not my “cup of tea”), I stay homesick when I allow myself to think about it. The venue on this trip required around 1,960 miles ground travel. Some of the roads were not the best. Short distances required hours, literally. 

      Our basic focus was on teaching pastors (192) and leaders the purpose and power of prayer. Although the seminars were set up for Christians, forty-three (including one of the pastor’s seventeen-year old son) came to Christ; the Holy Spirit did a great work in bringing conviction to both the saved and the unsaved) as He brought the Word alive and instructed us. As usual, the workbook (this time Swahili edition) was greatly appreciated as a resource tool. We have follow-up in place in order to preserve the “revival” that we have seen. Please make this a matter of prayer. 172 churches were represented.

      A major purpose of my going to East Africa was to develop my “student,” Martin Shikuku—one of the most promising young men with whom I have worked. As soon as he took my course at a Bible college in Kenya in April 2005, he (along with another Kenyan and two from the Congo) committed themselves to sharing the seminar in East and Central Africa.  He began by translating the workbook into Swahili in handwriting (he had no computer for word processing). AND he has been teaching seminars faithfully while building a great church in West Kenya that has a pre-school (thanks to friends in Aitkin, Minnesota) and a Bible institute for those who are called to be pastors, but cannot go to a regular college.  Martin determined to meet this need. Some of you will remember that JGHM provided mattresses, pillows, and sheets for the students.

      When I first went to Eldoret, his city in the Rift Valley, his transport was by foot, by taxi, or by bus—very difficult modes. He assured me that one day I would come and he would drive me to the different venues. I was skeptical. However, the Lord enabled us to purchase a car for Martin, but his vision was for a van. By trading in the car and using the funds that we had set aside to lease a vehicle for the travel, Martin picked me up at the airport in Mombasa in a Toyota van! Can you believe it? Driving in these nations requires skill and he has developed the skill! I was surprised, but he said he had got a driver’s license in 1994 and had kept it renewed awaiting the day that his vision for a van was realized. The balance on the van is $3,954. Martin firmly believes that he is serving Jehovah-Jireh and that God will provide the funds. Let’s pray with him for the funds to pay off the van.  If you would like to help, designate “Martin’s van” on your check.

      Both Martin and I concluded, due to my age, that this will probably be my last time with him. I tried many approaches in teaching the seminars—and Martin’s expression was sometimes one of surprise as he learned new ways to present the materials. Be assured that our work in East and Central Africa is in good hands and will not be neglected in any way. 

      Thanks for your faithful partnership in the prayer seminar ministry. 120 gave $10,981 exceeding the $9,000 budget. Your investment in the Bank of Heaven on this account is significant. I can only imagine the amount of the interest that has been accrued! Isn’t it exciting to see the Lord work! I believe we will all be surprised. 

Yours in Calvary love,

P. S. Sue and I traveled to Murfreesboro, Tennessee on Friday to spend time with my long-time secretary (18 years), Sue Bell, who is critically ill with cancer. Her work molded the prayer seminar ministry working closely with me. Pray for Tommy and other family members during this time. 



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