December 3—22, 2009
  •     6 - Prayer Seminars (English)
  •     5 – Prayer Seminars (Hausa)
  •     6 - Prayer Ministry Associate Training
  •     1 - Nation-wide Prayer Meeting (8 hours)



Update from Sunday Bwanhot

        Nuhu Leo indicates that the response so far is overwhelming and he has fears if our resources will meet the needs. I assured him that we will be ready to reprint more workbooks. So he will put the printers on standby so that if we have that need they will work hard to meet the need.

        My prayers daily have been that God will overwhelm us in every turn as far as these seminars are concerned. I pray that God will raise people to give over and above the nearly $15,000.00 budgeted for these seminars. I also pray that we will have more people turn out than we could imagine, run out of our workbooks and get more printed in record time. I am also praying that God will raise a significant number of Prayer Ministry Associates. I am praying that by the time we finish these seminars we will all be overwhelmed at what God did - something more than He has ever done through the Prayer Seminar ministry. We will have great testimonies to share including the salvation of souls.

        We will believe God to do all that for the glory of His name.

    In less than a month, Sunday Bwanhot and I will begin our 6.000 mile journey to Nigeria where excitement is building throughout the nation. You will note from Sunday’s update above that Nuhu Leo, director of the Prayer Ministry in Nigeria, has concern that the 20,000 prayer seminar workbooks that have been printed will be enough to serve those attending. Amazing and exciting!
    Since 1985, God has opened doors to share the prayer seminar in fifty-five nations. Since I retired from my position in education, I have attempted three trips a year. We have taught thousands upon thousands on the populated continents. We have testimonies abounding indicating the long-term effect of the seminars on individuals and churches. The impact in Nigeria has been the most visible fruit of any nation: (1) a organized prayer ministry teaching the prayer seminar to thousands in hundreds of churches; (2) bringing about what was reported as A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING SWEEPS NIGERIA!; (3) Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) reports growing in membership from 2.2 million in 1988 when we began to 4.6 million members now.
Budget update

    To provide 20,000 prayer seminar workbooks and cover traveling/lodging/food expenses for three team members, the budget is $14,682. Over the years, we have discovered that when we have one hundred contributors making an investment in eternity through the prayer seminars that our financial need is met. As of November 24, seventy-eight gifts have been received totaling $11,140. We need twenty-two additional contributions to give an additional $3,542 to meet the budget. Above all, we need to ask in faith for God’s hand to move in this matter.

    Counting the number expected in Jos for the eight-hour prayer meeting, there might be as many as 40,000 participants in this venture of faith. Thus, this becomes an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in a nation, in churches, and in the lives of many of your brothers and sisters. Thank you for all the sacrificial gifts you have made for the 2009 international ministry. Your support, as usual, has been incredible.

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