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Witnessing Tape or Witnessing CD

One hour instruction on how to share your faith.
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          One hour instruction on how to share your faith.

          Side one. (Thirty minutes) How to develop your personal testimony using Paul's testimony (Acts 22 & 26) as a model: 1) I've not always been a Christian; 2) Here's how God got my attention; 3) Here's what I did when God got my attention; 4) Here's how my life changed.

          Side two. (Thirty minutes) How to use a passage of Scripture (Romans 10:1-3, 8-13) to lead a person to Christ. A must for Christians needing practical help in sharing their faith through witnessing to others. 



In the early nineties, the Lord began to impress upon me the importance of reducing key truths and insights he was teaching me to writing to help His children in their daily walk with Him. As I thought through obeying His call to write, my conclusion was to use a twelve-study format that would lend itself to systematic study for either an individual or a small group. Generally, I have been able to follow this approach.

The print and tape ministry provides an opportunity for individuals to study on their own or in small groups either as review or to further their knowledge and understanding of the essentials of the Christian faith: Bible study, prayer, witnessing, stewardship, and walking in the Spirit as a lifestyle.

It has been our policy not to sell materials. Rather, JGHM purchases the material out of the general fund using contributions made to the prayer seminar ministry. Most people make contributions; some use materials who either do not or cannot make a contribution. Our goal is to provide the help. The suggested contribution includes shipping.

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