Intercession: Prayer as Work

       Prayer is the work which must come before all other work in the Lord's service.  The sovereign God has ordained prayer as the tool to get His work done.  God works only in concert with the praying of His people.  Few Christians are prayed for regularly by anyone after they become Christians.  You can pretty well say to a new convert, "I'm glad you came to Christ.  I hope everything goes well for you. But you are on your own now."

          In Isaiah's day, God looked down from Heaven and saw all the people living in Israel and Judah—and "wondered that there were no intercessors" (Isaiah 59:16). 

          Consider the people who live in the fifth house from your church building.  Ask yourself if they have ever heard the name of Jesus in a saving sense one time.  Are they going to Heaven when they die?  Who is praying for them?  The answer usually is "Nobody!"  If you are not praying for your children, nobody else is. 

          The need of the hour is intercessors!

         Do you have the world on your heart, yet?  Are you praying for those who are unreached with the Gospel? 

         Are you praying for laborers?  Are you praying for missionaries?  Most believers think that prayer is mostly prefix and suffix—what you do before you begin and finish work for the Lord. It is the work which must undergird all other work—such as evangelism, teaching, or preaching.

         Work implies spending energy.  It is important to know that prayer itself requires energy and time.  In order to become intercessors, it is important for a believer to understand biblical teachings which govern this aspect of praying.  It is my hope that the twelve studies which follow will not only provide basic knowledge, but will motivate you to become an intercessor by providing practical suggestions.

Yours in Calvary love,

J. Gordon Henry