Equipping Peruvian Believers

        map of peruPeru is a land of contrasts—tropical Amazon jungles along the river, snow-covered Andean mountains, dry desert. The population is 29,180,899. The Peruvians are a beautiful people. About half is of Quechua Indian origin. This large indigenous group has preserved not only the Quechua and Aymara langagues, Pbut also a traditional Roman Catholic presence mingled with a strong animistic component. While 96% of the population is listed as Christian, only a small percentage are evangelicals. The result is a prevailing spiritual darkness for most people. At the same time, it is obvious that God is at work with many turning to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.  The literacy rate is 94.5% for males and 82.1% for females. Life expectancy is 68.61 for males and 72.37 for females.

         There are many memorable expressions that I carry around in my mind from the prayer seminars around the world. One that came from the first seminars in Peru 2006 was one that I will never forget. Several pointed out that this was “the first venue in the country devoted exclusively to teaching the Word of God.”  This was not the first time that I had heard a similar expression. Testimonies from participants have often said that in their Christian lives they had never had an opportunity to have in-depth guidance in the basic areas of the Christian life. This one fact accents the heavy responsibility that we have in teaching God’s precious children.

         The 2007 seminars were for pastors, basically. The response in northern Peru and in the Lima area was excellent. In reviewing my report, I noted that pastors were in place ready to begin at the set time. Not only did we want to minister to those who attended, we wanted to be sure that these pastors understood haw to teach the material. It is important for each believer to understand clearly what happened to him the moment that he trusted Christ as Savior (named written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, ready for Heaven). We were able to provide a supply of seminar workbooks for each pastor to use with his church leaders.

          Paul listed the people gifts to the church in Ephesians 4. Among these are teachers who are to “equip the saints to do the work of ministry.” Through the prayer seminars, we have been able to equip the saints by teaching them the place of the Word of God in their lives, the role of the Holy Spirit (teaching what Spirit-filled means and how to be Spirit-filled), the purpose and power of prayer (with practical suggestions), how to bring others to Jesus for salvation, and how to be good stewards. We have thousands upon thousands of  testimonies expressing what God did in their lives through the prayer seminars.

         The dates for our third trip to Peru  are August 24—September 9.  Eleven prayer seminars are scheduled beginning with six seminars in Piura, located in the desert area in the north. Then we will work our way southward with prayer seminars in Trujillo, Chimbote, Paramonga, and Chinche (in the south where we have not been before). By the time we finish, we will have touched a large portion of the nation through the three trips.

         The budget has been developed and totals $5,080 broken down as follows: international travel-$930; domestic travel--$250; lodging-meals -- $1,000; interpreter (honorarium/lodging/food) -- $900; prayer seminar workbooks -- $2,000.  We are expecting a large number in the seminars, including many pastors and church leaders. We will provide each participant with a Spanish prayer seminar workbook. To do this, we need help! We have found that the need is supplied when there are 100 gifts.  Will you be one of the one-hundred givers?

           Since 1985, we have heard the cries from our brothers and sisters around the world to come and help equip the saints to do the work of ministry. Due to your faithful partnership, we have been able to go.  Earlier this year, our partners provided funds for us to touch over four thousand lives in five African nations: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and D. R. of the Congo. The budget was large, but the financial need was supplied.  Now we focus on Peru and the openness of Peruvians to receive the Word of God.

Nigeria in December

          Finally, we are in the process of making plans with Sunday Bwanhot to return to Nigeria, the nation that demonstrates the strongest impact of the prayer seminar ministry. Be sure that both nations are on your prayer list. The dates for Nigeria are December 4-20. There will be five prayer seminars and five training sessions for individuals whom God is calling to be a part of the Prayer Ministry on a part-time basis. There will be two special prayer gatherings and one prayer convention. The venues will be in Lagos, Kaduna, Kagoro, Abuja, and Jos. Following the 1988 prayer seminars, a spiritual awakening swept across Nigeria.  Christians were revived and churches renewed. Many lost people came to Christ.  For over two decades the prayer ministry has thrived. The Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) has grown from 2.2 million to 4.6 million. The leaders testify that when God’s people gave themselves to prayer that God began to bless. Please put Nigeria on your on-going intercessory prayer list.


Yours in Calvary love,



Acts 28:31

July 6, 2009